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My Trip Back To New Orleans

I love New Orleans, this was my second time here. I had a couple of spooky gothic activities planned but ended up not getting around to them. I know, shame on me.
     But I did eat like there was no tomorrow. I enjoyed many amazing restaurants. Such as the classic Pat O' Briens and the wonderful Oceanas!
     I also spent a lot of time walking the streets of the French Quarter and shopping at the French Market. I found a beautiful silver skull band and a necklace with a skull wearing a top hat.
     Even though I missed out on the cemeteries and haunted tours, I really enjoyed myself. And now I have even more reasons to return!
- Jessie Holloway
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Where To Buy Clothes For Plus Size Goths

As you may already know, I am a plus size goth. My size ranges from 22 to 24. So I know the struggles that come when you are a plus size goth. Of course if you dress trendy being plus size is actually pretty easy, there are so many stores that cater to our plus size bodies. But when your a goth the stereotype is that we are all really thin. But that just isn't true. Gothic clothing brands tend to cater towards this stereotype and they make all of their sizes quite small. Do to this inconvenience I have had to find other places to shop. From all of my research and experience I am here today to help my fellow plus size goths find the clothes they want in the size they need.
      Here is a little secret that you probably already know, these normal stores that I was talking about earlier, they sell clothes that we can actually wear! Of course it isn't exactly the same as "Punk Rave", but it will do. As long as you have an imagination it will take you a long way.

Goth Airport Struggles

Today's topic is probably something every goth has had to do sometime in their life and that is get on a plane.
     Now I personally find airports frightening! Everyone stares and you are most definitely treated differently. I have gone to the airport in nothing but black leggings a black lacey top and a pair of simple creepers and I got searched.
     In the past I have been patted down, passed through the metal detector twice and had my baggage searched in security. If you have your own airport story please comment it down below I would love to hear them. If you are interested in my upcoming New Orleans trip please subscribe using the down bar, I will be posting about it soon.
- Jessie  Holloway

My Favorite Goth Youtuber's

Like most people, I watch YouTube. But as a goth I tend to lean more towards gothic youtuber's for inspiration and motivation. So today I decided to share some of my favorite gothic youtuber's in no particular order.

1. It's Black Friday
2. Toxic Tears
3. Drac Makens
4. Amy Nekrotique
5. Angela Benedict
6. Batty Bizarre
7. BiohazardousBeauty
8. Caligo Bastet
9. Ciwana Black
10. Disspossable
11. Gothic Ghostie
12. ReeRee Phillips
13. The_Goblin_Queen

I hope you look them up, they are all spectacular!
- Jessie  Holloway

My Favorite Goth Activities

Like any goth I am not immune to the classic gothic stereotypes. So instead of doing the popular "Un goth Confessions" tag I decided to post about my favorite things that make me goth.
     For one I love coffee, early in the morning and late in the evening.  Second I love movies and TV shows about vampires and the occult. But that may just be my wiccan side.
     Of course there is the obsession with skulls, spiders and all things spooky.  My favorite color is the beautiful black and I show it from head to toe.
     There is also nothing better than curling up on a crisp autumn evening by the fire with a creepy gothic tale. I hope you have enjoyed and I challenge you to talk about your favorite things that make you goth.
- Jessie  Holloway

Advice To Baby Bats

Dear Baby Bats,
     Welcome to the gothic community, I have been a goth for five years and I too went through the baby bat phase. So I've come up with a little advice to help your transition.
     To start off, take your transition slowly, it took me a while and still to this day I'm working on my style. Start off by looking into your local thrift stores, they are cheaper than gothic clothing brands and they make your look more unique! Not to mention the fact that there clothes are much more fun to DIY.
     Look into the music, do your research. Sisters of Mercy, Bauhaus and The Cure are a good place to start, remember goth started from the music so it is very important that you know the basics. If you don't like all of it that's fine but the most important thing is to appreciate it.
     Makeup is amazing! You will have a blast playing around, don't worry if it's not perfect,  my makeup never is. And it takes lots of practice,  try working with your liner an…

Message To Punk Rave

My name is Jessie and I'm an 18 year old plus sized goth.  My all time favorite brand of clothing is "Punk Rave", the only problem is they don't make plus size clothing.  A very large percent of the population, somewhere around 67% is considered plus size. "Punk Rave" if you're ever reading this please understand that your sizes just do not fit the majority of the population and that if you were to expand on your sizes more people would be able to purchase your beautiful clothing. I myself love your brand and would be more than happy to purchase your clothing if you would only make them in plus sizes.  - Jessie Holloway